Yakusugi Land (ヤクスギランド)


Yakusugi Land may sound like a theme park, but it’s actually a wonderfully scenic area of forest that was logged in Edo times and now offers a variety of easily accessible hiking trails that take you past a number of fine Yaku sugi specimens. You’ll find the turn off for Yakusugi Land just south of Anbo and from there it is a 30 minute drive by car, bus or taxi up an increasingly narrow and winding mountain road.  There is a 500 yen entry fee and you’ll receive a hiking trail leaflet.  There are 4 circular trails to follow: ranging from 30 mins to 150 mins. 

Yakusugi Land

Yakusugi Land tends to be less crowded than Shiratani Unsuikyo and aside from the Yaku sugi there are also some impressive fir and Japanese hemlock trees to see as well as the ubiquitous moss.  Boots are essential for the 80 min & 150 min course, but depending on the weather you can get away with lighter footwear on the 30  & 50 min routes.  The river crossings at Yakusugi Land are bridged and therefore it closes less frequently than Shiratani Unsuikyo during a heavy rainfall. 

Similar to the Shiratani Unsuikyo hike then you could walk around Yakusugi Land on your own, but again your experience of the forest would be greatly increased if you have the knowledge of a local guide along side you.  Consider a Yakusugi Land Tour to make the most out of your visit to the forest.

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