yakushima rental services

Vehicle Rental

The YES Yakushima rental services include arrangements for car, 50cc scooter, bicycle and hiking equipment rental.  We conduct the arrangements in English so the details are easy to understand.  Unlike any other booking agent, YES are able to help in times of trouble with vehicle rental with our English support service.  In the unfortunate event of an accident then we can help out with information between the customer and the vendor.  When flights and ferry`s are cancelled or delayed then YES can inform the renting agency of any delay or cancellation. 

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IMPORTANT! For all visitors wishing to rent a car or scooter

The first thing you need to know about renting a car in Japan is that you’ll need an international driving license.  Visitors from certain countries may require an official translation of their driving license.  Details on how to receive a translated license or other license issue can be found on the Japan Automobile Federation website (JAF).


Hiking Gear Rental

Save a lot of luggage space by leaving all your hiking gear at home and renting the items only when you need them.  Hiking boots, rain wear, rucsacs, hiking poles, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking equipment, headlights, baby carriers.  Send your hiking rental gear requirements to YES.

  1.  Equipment required and necessary sizes.
  2. Date and time of collection (morning or afternoon between 09:30 – 18:00).

Book your hiking gear rental with YES.

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Nakagawa Sports provides hiking rental goods for all kinds of hiking trips: from day trips to longer treks staying in
Yamashita Rental stock Colombia & Mont Bell trekking wear.  Hiking boots, rain wear, rucsacs, sleeping bags, tents, sleeping mats...  Travel