yakushima island tour

One of our most popular tours is the Yakushima Island Tour. Throughout the tour guests will learn about the rich history of the island, the unique culture and what it’s like to live on Yakushima.   The tour stops at some of the well-known locations as well as some lesser-known favorite spots.  On a full day tour, guests will be able to do a complete circuit of the island and stop off at many places of interest along the way. Highlights of the island tour include waterfalls, the wildlife along the Seibu Rindo, the Hirauchi Sea Onsen and the beaches of Nagata.  There is usually time to visit a local crafts person and a craft shop if requested.

Most of the sites we visit are on the unpopulated side of the island, where there are few shops and restaurants, and so we provide a bento – a Japanese packed lunch.  If you have dietary preferences then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions.

If you are leaving the island on the day of the tour then we can drop you directly at the port or airport.  The island tour can also be adjusted for those that do not have a full day on the island, but wish to see as much as possible in a shorter time frame.


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The direction of the Island Tour depends upon the guest`s hotel location, the weather and a variety of other factors. During the summer months we can take guests to picturesque cool rivers and the beach should you like to swim.

The Hirauchi Sea Onsen can be entered a few hours before and after low tide.  If you would like to try this experience (200 yen per person) then please let us know and we will do our best to time your visit with the low tides. 

Anbo River

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Anbo River

Yakushima Island Tour Fees

Options & Prices

Open Tour  - Guide with English ability

Private Tour  - Guide with English ability

Open Tour  - Native English Guide

Private Tour  - Native English Guide

1 person

35,000 yen

47,000 yen

39,000 yen

55,000 yen

2 people

36,000 yen

48,000 yen

40,000 yen

56,000 yen

3 people

42,000 yen

54,000 yen

48,000 yen

63,000 yen

4 people

48,000 yen

60,000 yen

56,000 yen

70,000 yen

More the 4 guests - contact YES

included in the price:  lunch bento  /  transportation

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Cancellation Policy

A cancellation charge will be waivered only if adverse weather prevents the guest from arriving to Yakushima, or adverse weather forces us to cancel the tour.  Under all other circumstances if a the guest cancels a tour then cancellation charges apply.

Cancellation Charges 

15 days in advance Free
14ー8 days in advance 30
7 – 2 days in advance 50
1 day or on the day 100