yakushima transport

Yakushima transport is by public bus and be prepared to have a limited experience if you rely solely on the publlic bus.  Firstly, the public bus does not go all around the island and it does not access the beautiful Seibu Rindo.  However, this is a blessing in disguise as those limited to public transport tend to consider YES Tours and end up having a far better experience than they would otherwise have had on the public bus or with a car rental.  For those that are determined to use the public bus service then YES have timetables available.

Yakushima transport to / from the island is either by air or ferry.  YES update the ferry schedule, but visitors should check the JAL website for up-to-date flight schedules.  The beauty of booking tours, rentals and accommodation with YES is that can make swift re-arrangements to all your bookings and reservations should adverse weather affect transportation to the island.  This is especially the case between July – November when typhoons can disrupt the Yakushima transport system.

YES can reserve your Toppy jet foil tickets for visitors booking a YES TOUR and/or booking 40,000 yen or more of YES services such as hotel, accommodation, car rental and water activities.