yakushima short tours

YES can operate Yakushima short tours for visitors arriving to the island later than mid-morning or departing the island mid-afternoon.  These are ideal short tours to turn an otherwise wasted day into a memorable experience on the island.

Both the Shiratani Unsuikyo Short Tour and the Yakusugi Land Short Tour are relatively easy hiking routes.  The Janokuchi Waterfall Tour requires more hiking on uneven terrain.

The Yakushima Island Short Tour does not require any hiking other than short walks to various locations and is an ideal tour for guests with walking difficulties.

Please check the YES hiking gear recommendations.  If you do not have the correct gear and don`t wish to carry heavy hiking boots on an international flight then YES can arrange hiking gear rental on Yakushima.

If you book a Yakushima tour with YES we will also be happy to RESERVE your Toppy & Rocket hydro-foil tickets to Yakushima. 

 Contact YES for more details.