yakushima mountain tours

The Yakushima Mountain Tours offered by YES are operated by experienced local guides living on the island who know the mountains well and the potential hazards.  Yakushima has the highest range of mountains in southern Japan and the coastal mountains start almost at sea level.  Do not underestimate these mountains or the sudden adverse weather conditions they can produce. 

A YES! Yakushima mountain tour makes for a very memorable experience.

Yakushima Central Mountains

The Yakushima mountain tours of the central region include Kuromidake and Tachudake.  The advantage of these ascents is that the starting point is around 1,000m or more and so the ascents/descents are less intense.

Yakushima Coastal Mountains

The Yakushima mountain tours of the coastal region include Aikodake and Mocchomudake.  These mountain tours commence from a much lower altitude and the gradient of the climb is quite steep.

Please check the YES hiking gear recommendations.  If you do not have the correct gear and don`t wish to carry heavy hiking boots on an international flight then YES can arrange hiking gear rental on Yakushima.

If you book a Yakushima tour with YES we will also be happy to RESERVE your Toppy & Rocket hydro-foil tickets to Yakushima.

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