yes yakushima tours

YES Yakushima Tours are suitable for visitors of all ages and abilities.  We can offer the right tour for you.  YES can design of number of tours into a package for individuals, families as well as larger groups.  Check the Recommended Yakushima Tour Itineraries for examples of the types of tour and activity packages that YES can provide.  Alternatively, we`d also be happy to arrange a single tour so at least you could depart with some understanding of why Yakushima is such a special location.

YES Yakushima Tours are highly rated by previous guests and YES are rated by Tripadvisor as the No1 tour company for international visitors to Yakushima.  YES take pride in paying attention to detail before and during the YES tours.

The aim of YES tours is to leave the guest in no doubt that they have visited a very special place.  Leaving our island without knowing anything about it (other than it is green, pretty and sometimes wet) is a great shame since the visitor has obviously come a long way to get to Yakushima.  If you book any tour during a visit to Japan then YES Yakushima Tours would have to be a major contender.  YES guides will explain the unique ecological story of the island, the ancient relationship the island has had with human inhabitants, the customs and culture that set it apart from the Japanese mainland and the abundant sacred areas on the island.  On a YES tour we spend the day having fun, enjoying the scenery, but also going well beyond the surface of the island so that you end the day feeling as though you have experienced a special place.

YES Yakushima Tour Menu

YES have a selection of tours based on interest and ability: ranging from a relaxing island tour going around the coastal region of the island focusing upon the history and culture of Yakushima as well as the wildlife in the west to the challenging mountain ascents up some of the coastal peaks.

If you book a Yakushima tour with YES then we will also be happy to RESERVE your Toppy & Rocket hydro-foil tickets to Yakushima. The reservation is free, but unfortunately the tickets are not!  Contact YES for more details.

As well as our  range of tours, YES can also arrange many water activities such as river kayaking, sea kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, SUP boarding and shower climbing excursions.  Chartered fishing trips including the gear and fishing bait are also available.  Most water activities operate between April – November, but some can operate all year such as river kayak and scuba diving.

If you’re still not convinced that YES can leave you with a memorable impression of Yakushima then don’t take our word, but the word of the many guests who have chosen YES over the years.  Visit the YES tripadvisor page for more recent reviews.


YES Tour Payment

YES tours are payable in Japanese yen on the day of the tour. 

YES can also accept bank transfers from a Japanese bank.  In the case of large group tours then an international bank transfer can be arranged (the guest is liable for all bank charges).


Optional Private Tour Surcharge

If guests wish to ensure that they have a private tour then a surcharge is added to the tour fee. 

Check each tour page for the optional private tour surcharge prices. 


Cancellation Policy

A cancellation charge will be waivered only if adverse weather prevents the guest from arriving to Yakushima, or adverse weather forces us to cancel the tour.  Under all other circumstances if a the guest cancels a tour then cancellation charges apply.

Cancellation Charges

7 days in advance Free
64 days in advance 30
3 – 2 days in advance 50
1 day or on the day 100