yakushima services

The Yakushima Services section provides a range of information about Yakushima restaurants, cafes, souvenir shopping,  supermarkets, rental services, laundry and emergency contacts.

Shops and restaurants are shown in regional sections to make it easier to chose based upon the location on your accommodation.  Although some of the Yakushima hotels serve excellent cuisine, should you opt to self-cater then there are ample restaurant options, particularly in the north east & east of Yakushima.

YES can arrange vehicle rental and there is a simple vehicle rental request form on our website.  Rentals are usually based upon your arrival date & time and your departure date & time.  Vehicle collection and vehicle return can be arranged for any location between Miyanoura and Anbo.  However, don`t make the mistake that going your own way in a vehicle rental is a better option than taking a YES Tour.  Spending a few days upon our island and leaving knowing very little about it would be a shame.  We read many travel blogs by go-it-alone experts containing tragically incorrect information to know how much is missed.

YES can also arrange hiking gear rental from rental shops in Anbo and Miyanoura.  Hiking boots, rain wear, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents etc are available.

Please be aware that our website has an emergency services contact list.  Accidents do occur on the island (especially traffic accidents).

Finally, LAUNDRY!  There is a reasonable chance that you will get wet and dirty on a hike.  For such a small island we have a good number of laundry services with big driers!  There is usually a warning sign telling customers not to put their footwear into the drier – yes, some people have tried it!