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Accommodation located in the south of Yakushima offer a more relaxed atmosphere away from the two main centers of Miyanoura and Anbo.  The south accommodation are popular in the winter season as the weather is more clement than the north of Yakushima.  On the downside, the south is far from most hiking trails and river activities and so a vehicle rental would be recommended.  YES can arrange vehicle rental.

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Yakushima Hotels – South

Umi no Cottage Tida  (海の胡汀路てぃーだ) is situated in the south of the island close to the Yudomari seaside onsen.  The
  Iysahi no Minshuku Tonton  (いやしの民宿とんとん) is situated in the south east of the island in a village called Haro
Cottage Davis in Mugio opened a self-catering cottage in 2018.  The cottage has a double room and a twin room,
Minshuku Nicoichi  is located in the south-east of the island in a village called Hara (原).  Hara is one of
Cottage Hana Mana is in a peaceful and secluded setting in Mugio (麦生) and is over-looked by Mt Mocchomu in
Guesthouse Yakushima opened in January 2014.  It offers a brand new, purpose built hostel-type accommodation.  The Guesthouse Yakushima aim is
The Luana House is located on the southern side of Yakushima in the village of Onoaida. The impressive Mt Mocchomu
South Coast House is a traditional Japanese style home located on the south coast of the island. It is set
Minshuku Sora Mame (民宿天豆) is located in the south of the island in Koshima (小島).  Within a 5 minute drive
The Hirauchi Hot Spot is a traditional Japanese style home located on the south coast of the island. It is
Shiki no Yado is a minshuku on the outskirts of Onoaida in the south of Yakushima.  It's close to the

When you book a Yakushima hotel or self-catering cottage with YES then we offer so much more than the usual booking agencies. 

  1. YES are a Yakushima company and so we know each of our listed accommodation and we know the owners of the accommodation by name!
  2. YES offer a great support service when unfortunate circumstances occur – this service is best exemplified when bad weather causes flight and ferry delays or cancellations.  YES make contact with your accommodation to give them any updates of your situation.
  3. By booking a Yakushima hotel with YES then you eliminate the large commission our local hotels need to pay to the big corporate booking agencies.  All of your hotel fee stays where it ought to stay – upon our island!
  4. YES offer a ferry ticket reservation service to guests booking over 40,000 yen on services such as accommodation.

If you have already booked your Yakushima hotel with a different agency then transferring your booking to YES and receiving all the benefits of doing so is still possible.  If the accommodation is listed on the YES website then these hotels would be able to accept the booking transfer to YES.  Please contact YES with details of your current hotel booking and we`ll do all the rest.

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Ferry Ticket Reservation Service

Guests booking a YES Tour and / or booking over 40,000 yen worth of services with YES (hotel, rental car etc.) are entitled to our free jet foil ferry reservation service.  Send YES the dates & times you’d like to sail to & from Yakushima.  Also include the number of people, at least one full name and a contact number if you have one.  Check the Toppy jet foil timetable.