yakushima eating out – All regions

There is a variety of eating options available during your stay in Yakushima –  cafes, Japanese restaurants serving local specialities, Italian restaurants and packed lunch outlets.

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Nagata & North

Shiba Tofu hand-made tofu that is sold either to eat by the shop where it`s made or as a take-away. 
  Jarai Tei is run by an elderly lady and the menu is limited to only a few choices.  However,
The Kiyokonnegai Cafe is situated along the banks of the Isso River. As some of the mackerel smoking houses are


Kaishu are located close to the A-Coop supermarket in Miyanoura (on the road going to Shiratani Unsuikyo).  The menu includes
Isaribi is a small fish restaurant in the south of Miyanoura.  It is often the top recommendation given to visitors
  Shiosai (潮騒) is a Japanese restaurant a 5 minute walk from Miyanoura Port. Turn left and head towards the
Tokitei serve good value set meals including sashima sets and black pork sets. Tokitei is located just north of the Miyanoura
Isso Cafe roast their own coffee beans within the shop and so there is always a good strong aroma of
Komorebi specialize in a Japanese favorite - okonomiyaki. Try a variety of toppings on a large grill in front of
Wakadaisho serve local fish from their own fishing boats. The izakaya style restaurant are located on the street running along by
Ganta is a late night izakaya / cafe staying open until 02:00 (this is very late for Yakushima!).  Located facing
Hito Mekuri (ヒトメクリ) serve set meals as well as homemade pasta, pizza, Indian curry, Thai curry & handmade sweets.  Hito
Panorama are located in the centre of Miyanoura down one of the old streets.  The menu at Panorama offers some
Ebisudaikokutoshi are located along the north bank of the Miyanoura River. This restaurant serve a traditional set meal style (teishoku)
Ju is located behind the senior high school to the south of the Miyanoura main town.  The restaurant is a

North East

Dining Cafe & Bar Slow serve a range of foods including salads, soups, pasta, burgers and seafood.  Diners have a
Hiyoriya are located about 2km north of the Yakushima Airport and the restaurant is set back from the main road. 
Jurin Cafe was established in 1993.  Jurin Cafe serve Japanese style curry, pasta as well as cakes, desserts and beverages. 
Hibiscus serve Japanese style curry as well as cakes, dessrts and beverages.  There is a good terrace to sit out
Cafe La Monstera are located on the south side of the Yakushima Airport. This is also one of the few
  Il Mare caters for those seeking a change from Japanese cuisine.  The appetizers, main course and desserts are made
  Kotobuki is a difficult place to find, but well worth the effort.  It's set just off the main road
Mori Cafe is located on the roadside near the Yakushima Airport opposite the shopping area.  The Mori Cafe serve coffees


Natsumi An is located north of Anbo town on the main road leading into Anbo. The restaurant serve a mixture
Izakaya Yashima serve good sashimi along with other local fish dishes.  The Izakaya is popular with locals and it is
Smiley Cafe is a cosy little eatery near the waterside, a few minutes walk from Anbo Port.  It serves homemade
Hirano serve a set course meal for lunch (2,000 yen) or evening meal (3,000 yen).  The food served is traditional
Iso no Kaori is a popular sushi & sashimi restaurant located on the main road north of Anbo (close to
Kamogawa offer local dishes such as flying fish as well as traditional Japanese dishes.  A no frills, but friendly restaurant
Aneimaru is located on the main road south of Anbo.  The restaurant has recently been built in a traditional Japanese
St Pote (散歩亭)  is a popular riverside bar and restaurant located in Anbo with beautiful riverside views. Meals or drinks
Yaedake Shokudo (八重岳食堂)  is located by the old bridge in Anbo on the northside of the river.  It is one
The Jomon Drive-in offer good value udon & soba noodle set meals.  The service is usually quick.  The Jomon Drive-in
Yakudon is the place to go if you are after noodles.  A variety of udon and soba noodle dishes, as
Hidaka Ya serve a variety of ramen using local ingredients including Isso mackerel and Nagata salt.  Other items on the
Warung Karang are located just north of the Anbo Bridge.  The restaurant has good views overlooking the Anbo River and
San Pauro is located close to the Anbo Harbor.  The restaurant serve meat dishes (including steak), Japanese curry & pasta. 
Jiiji Ya (じいじ家)  is located by the old bridge in Anbo on the northside of the river.  If you stay
Hitotukito serve good coffee and seasonal fruit drinks. There is seating at the cafe and items are takeout-only. Situated opposite the

South East & South

Yakushima Gelato Sora Umi offer a selection of gelato ice cream made from an abundance of fruits grown on Yakushima. 
Orion in Haro serves a variety of dishes from an extensive menu.  Dishes include meats, fish, burgers, soups, gratin and
Sushisho serve local fish and specialize in sushi. They also offer Yakushima venison dishes. Set meals are also on offer.
Situated above the village of Nakama is the extensive fruit garden of Mr Iwakawa, otherwise known as the Yakushima Fruit
La Table is a French cuisine-based restaurant using the locals ingredients of Yakushima.  The dinner menu has two options of
Ajitoku are one of the few restaurants in the Onoaida Village.  The restaurant is on the main road running through
Matsutake is a popular noodle restaurant in the south west of Yakushima.  It is one of the last places to
Cottage Davis are small accommodation that open up their kitchen for a few days a week at lunch time.   Check
Yakushima Vita Kitchen (Y-Vita)  is located along the main road in Mugio (麦生) on the right hand side if you
Naa Yuu Cafe is located in the south of Yakushima in Hirauchi (quite close to the Hirauchi sea onsen).  There
  Peita (ペイタ) is a bakery & confectionary in Onoaida.  You can find it on the road just past the
Nomad Cafe is a popular cafe along the main road running through Haro (原).  The serve good cakes and desserts. 

Bento Shops

Shima Musubi Bento are located in the south of Miyanoura Town close to the main island hospital.  If you wish
Kamogawa open early in the morning until early afternoon.  There is usually no need to order a bento as they
  Yaohachi Bento serves early morning bentos to take with you into the mountains.  Morning bentos are 600 yen and
Asahi Bento is located on the road leading up to Yakusugi Land & Jomon sugi.  A morning & lunch bento
Hotto Motto is located in the south of Miyanoura opposite the Tokushu Hospital. A great variety of bento from small