shower climbing

Summer is the season for shower climbing (‘sawanobori’ in Japanese). This is an adventure sport for all ages and all you need is a guide and a sense of adventure. The sport consists of climbing up a tributary of a river, including climbing small waterfalls, traversing ravine walls, and swimming through gorges. There’s no better way to keep cool in the heat of the summer.

On Yakushima the number of courses is almost limitless as there are rivers and waterfalls everywhere on the island. An average level of fitness will be sufficient and you will be fully kitted out with helmets, wetsuits and life jackets.


Do not attempt either shower climbing without the presence of a trained guide and the correct equipment.  There have been accidents in the past due to sudden river surges after heavy rain or typhoons which have washed people away.

If you’d like to book a shower climbing activity then contact YES and we’ll be happy to help.