hot springs

Though Yakushima is not a volcanic island, it is blessed with several natural hot springs (onsen 温泉 in Japanese).  The temperatures of each onsen vary.  The seaside onsens hover around  35 – 40℃ while the hottest onsen (Onoaida Onsen 尾之間温泉) is a steaming 48℃.

How to take an onsen (a beginner’s guide!)

Follow the onsen etiquette of washing yourself outside the bath before entering the onsen (there are always plastic washing bowls available for your use).  Most onsens provide soap and shampoo, or have them available to purchase.  When using a shower, it is polite to sit down so as to avoid splashing other people. If you are at a seaside onsen and there isn’t a shower available, simply scoop water out of the pool and thoroughly rinse yourself off before getting into the onsen.  In most onsen it is fine to wrap a small towel around you to preserve your modesty.  If your hair is long, put it up or wrap it in a towel to stop hair getting in the bath.  Many onsen in Japan do not allow people with tattoos into the bath. Yakushima is a little less conservative on this issue.  Tattoos are still a rarity in Japan and, though no one is likely to mistake you for a Japanese gangster, tattoos still have negative yakuza (Japanese mafia) connotations.  Save yourself an awkward situation and cover any tattoos whilst using an onsen or public bath.


Yunoko no Yu Onsen (ゆのこの湯温泉)

Access: 10 mins from central Miyanoura located in the Comprehensive Nature Park.  Reservations are required for this onsen and should be made before 16:00.

Tel: 0997 42 0305

Time: 12:00 – 20:00              Entry: Adult 400 yen / child 150 yen


KusugawaKusugawa Onsen (楠川温泉)

Access: 10mins south of Miyanoura a signpost by the roadside leads to the onsen. 

Time: 09:00 – 20:00              Entry: 300 yen



manten 5Jomon no Yado Manten Onsen (縄文の宿まんてん温泉)

Access: located with the Jomon no Yado Manten hotel – directly opposite the Yakushima Airport.  Bathers not staying at the hotel have limited access each day.

Time: 10:30 – 22:30             Entry: 1500 yen (Child 530 yen – 1050 yen) 


OnoaidaOnoaida Onsen (尾之間温泉)

Access: 50 mins south of Miyanoura.  The sign can be seen from the roadside by a set of traffic lights in Onoaida.

Time: 07:00 – 21:00 (Monday’s 12:00 – 21:00)   

Entry: 200 yen / Child 100 yen                 

There is a free foot bath outside the onsen which is perfect after the hike to Janokuchi waterfall.


JR HotelJR Hotel Yakushima Onsen

Access: located within the JR Hotel premises.  Bathers not staying at the JR Hotel have limited access each day.

Time: 15:00 – 18:00 

Entry: Adult 1,000 yen / Child 500 yen         


HirauchiHirauchi Onsen (平内温泉)

Access: a signpost leading off the main road takes vehicles to a small parking area by the side of a road.  Bathers should walk down to the onsen located at the sea edge.

Time: 3 hours between high tide & low tide.  Tide times are listed here .  Entry: 200 yen (donation)   

A visit to a seaside hot spring during the YES Yakushima Island Tour can be included.        

For more information see our Seaside Hot Spring section.


YudomariYudomari Onsen (湯泊温泉)

Access: located near the harbor at Yudomari.  There is a car park nearby and toilet facilities.

Time: 24 hr            Entry: 200 yen (donation) 

A visit to a seaside hot spring during the YES Yakushima Island Tour can be included.           

For more information see our Seaside Hot Spring section.


3800254604_61a65f50c5_oOura Onsen (大浦温泉)

This tiny onsen in a stunning location has only recently re-opened and now has the addition of a small campsite, set back from the narrow beach.

To get to Oura onsen you need to drive past Isso and head towards Nagata.  Soon after Isso there is a signpost on the right for the onsen.  There is a slightly misleading sign that says the campsite is 5 minutes from the main road, it’s more like a 15 minute walk (just follow the winding road down to the sea and you’re there). This tiny onsen is in a run-down and ramshackle building, but it is peaceful and with beautiful views of the open sea.

 Time: 09:00 – 19:00        Entry: 300 yen / Child 150 yen