sea kayaking

Yakushima kayakDue to its mild climate, a Yakushima kayak trip on the sea is a wonderful activity even in the early spring or late fall. There are a variety of possible sea kayak tours you can take.  Most departure points are either Isso (一奏), Nagata (永田) or Kurio (栗生). Weather conditions and wave height will usually be the deciding factor in where you’ll be able to kayak and the sea kayak guide will give the best advice based upon the conditions on the day of the activity.  You can choose from either a full or half day kayaking experience. 

A half day sea kayak is around 9,000 yen person and a full day is around 15,000 yen per person.

Don’t worry if you’ve never sea kayaked before as your guide will make sure you have picked up all the basics before heading out to the open water.

If you’d like to book a sea kayak activity then contact YES and we’ll be happy to help.

One of the highlights of a Yakushima kayak trip is to visit the Torokki Waterfall near Onoaida in the south.  Should you go out in the rain (you’re going to get wet anyway!) then the Torokki Waterfall releases twice the volume of water that it would usually do on a sunny day.

If you take a sea kayak out in the summer months then be sure to cover yourself with a sun block otherwise you could get toasted.  The coastline is very rocky and though this usually makes for better marine life viewing, be sure to keep your safety helmet on (as well as your life jacket) as capsizing close to the shore could leave you with a sore head.