Mocchomu Trail (モッチョム)

Mocchomu (2)The large mountain that dominates the skyline of Onoaida in the south of the island is called Mocchomu (944 metres).  The trail-head begins near the car park at the Senpiro Waterfall (千尋の滝). 

This mountain is low in comparison to the interior mountain range, but Mocchomu is not for the faint-hearted.  It is a non-stop, and at times grueling, ascent to the top.  The ascent takes around 3 – 4 hours to the top and is almost entirely traversed under the canopy of the trees (a great benefit in the summer).  A great deal of the climb is upon tree roots. 

万代杉Halfway up this mountain is Bandai sugi – a 3,000 year old tree that sits precariously on the edge of a ridge.  The tree is very hollow inside and with its wind-twisted branches it seems to defy the harsh location.   

The trail can be tricky at times, especially the rope climbs near the top. However, once on the top then the struggle up there is soon forgotten as the views on a clear day are worth the sweat.  The view down to Onoaida is spectacular.  Like many of the coastal mountains, Mocchomu is a pilgrimage destination for Onoaida residents.  There are some small shrines (hokora) at the top facing the village below. 

Due to its exposed summit then Mocchomu is better avoided in windy conditions.  However, it is one of the last mountains to be covered with cloud due to it’s southern location.  If other mountains are under cloud, then find out if Mocchomu is clear.  As it’s also a relatively low mountain then it makes for a good hike during the winter months when the high altitude peaks can be knee-deep in snow.

Mocchum large 2For beginners seeking a challenge or for those in reasonable fitness then the Mocchomu hike is a very rewarding experience.  The ascent at the top is thrilling and views are amazing.  If ascending / descending ropes are not your strong point then the assistance of a guide to get you to the top of this mountain will be well worth it.  The YES guide can get you up and down this mountain safely, as well as providing a great deal of information about this sacred mountain.  

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