Onoaida Trail (尾之間)

The Onoaida Trail should not be attempted during periods of heavy rain or forecasted heavy rain. The river volume quickly rises and crossing the rivers becomes very hazardous. Hikers going to the Yodogawa Mountain Entry should be in good health and fitness as this is a tough day of hiking.

The Onoaida Trail begins at the Onoaida Onsen (hot spring). The first hour of the trail has a very sub-tropical environment with lots of ferns. Signs of the inhabitants utilizing this area in the past are very evident. The first 90 minutes or so are a gentle incline going through deep forest. There are a couple of rivers/streams to cross that may look gentle on a sunny day, but this is where you would turn around when it`s raining hard.

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The trail splits into two at the Janokuchi wakare (蛇の口分かれ). Most hikers would go left to the Janokuchi Waterfall which is a further 30 minute walk. This is a beautiful waterfall and an excellent setting for a sunny picnic. If you plan to continue up the Onoaida Trail then do not spend too long at the waterfall as there is a LONG hike ahead. If the Janokuchi Waterfall is the final destination then simply turn around and head back down.

If continuing up to the Yodogawa Mountain Entry then return to the Janokuchi Wakare and take the right route. Then get set for a long and steep hike for about 3 – 4 hours (depending on fitness) to the Tainokawa (鯛之川) crossing. This river has caused fatalities in the past and cross it only if it is obviously safe to do so. The final few hours are through the temperate forest to the Yodogawa Mountain Entry (淀川登山口). Just before arriving to the mountain entry there is a wonderful large, old sugi which signals that you have almost arrived.

If you have ventured this far then you are likely to be staying the night in the mountains and so you would need to get to the Yodogawa Mountain Hut which is a further hour from the mountain entry. Please pay the environment donation at the mountain entry (2,000 yen per hiker).

YES offer day-return tours to the Janokuchi Waterfall. The trail can be confusing in places and the river crossings may pose difficulties for some people. The YES guide will ensure a safe hike as well as giving explanations along the way.

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