Mocchomudake Tour

The Mocchomudake Tour is the lowest mountain hike on the YES tour list, but it is probably the most strenuous.  There is little respite from start to finish and during the last 30 minutes there are a number of ropes to climb –  including the final rope-climb where nerve as well as upper-body strength are necessary.  The good news is that the ascent can be achieved within only a few hours and the descent is quite quick (but be prepared for jelly-knees!).

Mocchumu Tour

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Before commencing the Mocchomudake Tour there is a  small shrine that is used when the villagers from Onoaida make the pilgrimage (takemairi) up to Mocchomudake.  The YES guide can explain the history and importance of the pilgrimage along the way.  On the summit of Mocchomudake there are a few small shrines (hokora) tucked under the front of the rock facing the Onoaida village.  Feel free to give a small donation to the gods at the top as you may be thankful for their help when you get to the summit of the mountain and you will need their benevolence on the way back down!  

The Mocchomudake Tour starts near the Senpiro Waterfall and the trail begins as it means to go on – UP!  However, you do pass some wonderful scenery along the way including a few streams (where the water is good) and around halfway up you come across Bandai sugi – a 3,000 year old sugi.  This is a very picturesque tree as its base is almost entirely hollow and you can see right through it.  It sits upon a ridge that seems to have room only for the tree. 

After about 3 hours, the climb shows its real rewards as a brief clearing from Kamiyama Tenbodai gives a glimpse of the peak of Mocchomudake and the village of Haro down below.  The final stage of this ascent is along a narrow ridge that leads to the summit of Mocchomudake and just before the summit is a rope ascent of a few metres. 

From the top of the mountain the view is thrilling.  Directly 900 metres below is Onoaida.  You can see right along the coastline and far out to sea.  The views are so good that you have to tear yourself off the top to make the journey back down.