Miyanouradake to Shiratani Unsuikyo

This section assumes that you have arrived to the summit of Miyanouradake via the Yodogawa Trail. You could attempt the same route in reverse (ie enter Shiratani Unsuikyo and exit at Yodogawa), but this would incur a lot more climbing and exiting from Shiratani Unsuikyo is a lot easier than exiting from Yodogawa.

Descending from Miyanouradake then within about 15 minutes is the Yakino Sansaro (焼野三叉路) – the junction for Nagatadake (1,886m) and the Nagata Trail. Taking a de-tour to ascend Nagatadake would not be recommended as the ascent / descent back to the Yakino Sansaro would take about 2 – 3 hours and it is a steep ascent.

Staying on the Okabu Trail from Miyanouradake to Jomon Sugi then within about 30 minutes there is a water location and the first of a few good look-out points before reaching the Shintakatsuka Hut. The first look-out point is the Hiraishi Tenbodai (平石展望台). A further hour is the Daini & Daiichi Tenbodai ( 第二展望台 & 第一展望台 ). It takes a further hour to the Shintakatsuka Hut. This is the usual resting place for hikers going from Yodogawa to Shiratani Unsuikyo / Arakawa.

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The next day hikers would continue descending towards the Takatsuka Hut which would take around 90 minutes and a further 10 minutes to Jomon Sugi. Early in the morning then you would probably have the pleasure of viewing the old tree in a quiet and serene setting.

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The journey from Jomon Sugi to the Kusugawa Trail junction is covered on the Jomon Sugi page. After about 4 hours (90 minutes of which would be along the railway line) then there is a signpost on the left for the Kusugawa Wakare (楠川分かれ) to Shiratani Unsuikyo. This would be the only real ascent of the day and it takes about 1 hour before arriving to the Tsujitoge (辻峠). The early section of this trail goes through remains of the abandoned logging village of Kodanisugi (小谷杉). Porcelain and alcohol bottles can be spotted buried in the ground. The upper section of this climb is through a stunning forest, so do not worry about stopping to take a rest as the views are worth the extra time.

Finally, the ascent levels off at the Tsujitoge pass and details of the final few hours can be found upon the Shiratani Unsuikyo page.

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