Marukatsu Suisan (丸勝水産) – Isso

Marukatsu Suisan Ltd (丸勝水産) is situated along the main road to the north of Isso village – the way to Nagata.  Marukatsu Suisan began processing fish in the Edo period and this family business is now in its 8th generation.  Marukatsu Suisan specialize in smoked mackerel using traditional methods with hardwood and also in `saba bushi` (fish flakes).  Marukatsu Suisan welcome visitors to take a quicklook around their processing plant and you can make direct purchases of their products.

Open: Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 17:00

Closed: Sunday and National Holidays

Isso 166-3, Yakushima

Tel: 0997 44 2311

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