Kuromidake Tour

Although the Kuromidake Tour (黒味岳) is suitable for beginners, the guests should be in good health and fitness as it is an 8 hour walk on uneven ground with one or two steep sections.  There are also a few short ropes to ascend / decend near the top of Kuromidake.  This is a great hiking day into the central highlands of Yakushima.

The highlights of the Kuromidake Tour include the marsh areas of Hananoego (花之江河)and Kohananoego(小花之江河).  Also , from Kohananoego there is a great view of Kobandake (高盤岳).  Kobandake is often referred to as Tofu Rock – huge slabs of granite sit upon the summit of the mountain, arranged as though the rock had been sliced by the gods.  Rather than tofu, it actually looks more like a loaf of sliced bread.

Kuromidake Tour

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The early stages of the Kuromidake Tour go through some wonderful forest at the higher end of the temperate zone.  There a good selection of weather-worn sugi and colorful stewartia trees.  The latter stages of the trail enter the sub-alpine zone with many examples of the Yakushima rhododendron and other hardy species.  In fact, there is a good variation of flora throughout the day.  In June, the walk in the highland can be spectacular as the rhododendron are in bloom and late summer is also a good time to visit this area as some of the delicate alpine plants make an appearance.

The Yododgawa is a beautiful scene on a still day as the river becomes a mirror reflecting the canopy.  The serenity around the river is to be savored and the water around this area is particularly delicious.

From the top of Kuromidake there is a 360° view as you stand near the center of the island at 1831 meters.  The highest mountains on the island stand right in front of you – Miyanouradake and Nagatadake.  There are also distant views of Aikodake, Tachudake and Kurio Village down by the coast.   On clear days the west of Yakushima has a good view of the volcanic island of Kuchinoerabujima (口永良部島) .

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