japan airport wifi rental

A Japan Airport Wifi Rental with JR Pass is going to make traveling around the country so much easier. Stay connected with timetables, hotel bookings and all other facets of your trip around Japan with the JR Pass Pocket Wifi. Plan ahead and get yourself a pocket Wi-Fi device.

Here’s everything you need to know about these fantastic rented devices and why it’s going to make your time in Japan a whole lot easier.

 What is Pocket Wi-Fi?

A pocket Wi-Fi device is a compact and easily portable item that provides internet access to devices connected to it. The gadget connects to the internet using local mobile phone networks over 3G and 4G, and in turn, provides a secure Wi-Fi connection to the devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops connected to it.

With a Japan airport Wifi rental, you can connect to the internet whenever and wherever you need, even while travelling around Japan. As its name suggests, a pocket Wi-Fi device is extremely portable and small, fitting easily in one hand. This means you won’t have any trouble bringing it with you when sightseeing or on the train.


Why is Pocket Wi-Fi Useful?

Modern travellers love to stay connected and that’s especially true when travelling internationally. From looking at maps online to translating phrases and messaging people, it pays to have easy and reliable internet access while abroad. That’s why traveller’s need a Japan airport Wifi rental device with them when they travel to Japan.


Comparing Pocket Wi-Fi Devices with Alternatives

Now, an understandable question when considering renting a portable Wi-Fi device is whether it’s really necessary when travelling around Japan. After all, a pocket Wi-Fi is just one of several different options for getting Wi-Fi access while you’re out and about. Ultimately though, the benefits of these devices vastly outweigh those of any other solution.

With Wi-Fi so widespread these days, many travellers are used to just relying on free public Wi-Fi hotspots when they need a connection. Unfortunately, public hotspots in Japan are hard to find and around 90% of these require full registration before use. This means free hotspots just aren’t a reliable solution for travellers.

There are also pitfalls when using data roaming or Japanese SIM cards to connect to the internet. Data roaming rates are notoriously expensive, meaning you’ll pay handsomely every time you use it. As for getting a local prepaid SIM, many international visitors find navigating the setup of these cards quite challenging.

The other problem with these other solutions is that they’re all focused on getting internet for a single device. Pocket Wi-Fi devices on the other hand allow multiple smartphones or computers to use this one router, making it great for families or friends travelling together.

This is why choosing to order a pocket Wi-Fi is such a good idea. Not only are they reliable and provide a connection whenever you need, they’re reasonably priced and a cinch to get up and running.


Pocket Wi-Fi Features

For those who like to know the finer details and exactly what they’re getting, here are some of the specifications for this pocket Wi-Fi rental.

  • Devices offer a high-speed 4G LTE connection;
  • Unlimited data usage means there’s no cap to worry about;
  • Maximum download speed of 187.5 Mbps and upload speed of 37.5 Mbps;
  • Can support up to 10 simultaneous devices;
  • Works with any device that is Wi-Fi compatible;
  • Has a battery that supports 12 hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged.


How to Order and Get Your Japan Airport Wi-Fi Rental

Because the whole point of a pocket Wi-Fi device is the convenience it provides, you better believe that the process for getting it is just as easy and straightforward. Below you’ll find the steps that take you through the process of ordering, collection and return of the device.

  1. Order Your Device: Simply head to the order page and decide how long you want the device to be active for. The minimum duration for the service is 5 days.
  2. Organise Pick-Up and Return Location: You will need to select the location you plan to pick-up and return the device from during the order process. Devices can be collected from any major airport with Japan, including Narita Airport, Haneda, Kansai, New Chitose, Komatsu, Nagoya Chubu airport, Fukuoka and Naha (Okinawa).
  3. Pick Up Your Pocket Wi-Fi:  To collect the device, you will need to provide your passport and reservation ID given in the confirmation email that follows your order.
  4. Connect Your Device: Upon collection the router should be charged and ready to use right away. Otherwise, the device may take several hours to charge. To connect to the device, select the network name written on the device with your phone or laptop and then enter the password provided next to it.
  5. Use Your Portable Wi-Fi Router: It’s possible to connect up to 10 devices to the pocket Wi-Fi, although you may notice slower speeds when more than four devices are connected simultaneously. Be sure to recharge the device to ensure no loss of connection. For the strongest signal, be sure to stay within 20-25 metres of the router.
  6. Return Your Pocket Wi-Fi: Once you have finished with the device, return the pocket Wi-Fi to the agreed upon major airport. This does not have to be the same airport you collected it from. It is also possible to use a postal delivery service to post it back for approximately 500 yen.

 Order your JR Pass Pocket Wifi

Customer Service Information

Should you have any problems, questions or concerns with your pocket Wi-Fi, customer support is available to help you. After your order is confirmed, you will receive a phone number and email address you can connect should you need. Should the problem require your device be replaced, a new unit can be quickly posted to you in Japan.

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