Ishitsuka Trail (石塚)

Halfway around the longer course at Yakusugi Land is a junction for the Ishitsuka Trail (石塚). The signpost also indicates that the trail goes to the Hananoego (花之江河) marshland, but you would be advised to consider going to Hananoego on the following day and staying the night at the Ishitsuka Mountain Hut.

The first hour of this trail is covered on the Yakusugi Land page. There are a few subtle warning signs when leaving the Yakusugi Land area and this subtle warning should be heeded. The first few hours of this trail are a lovely jaunt through deep forest. There are signs of the past logging trade all around, but the forest have recovered remarkably well. The trail to Yamato Sugi is relatively straight forward and stopping at Yamato Sugi (大和杉) would be considered a highlight of this trail. There is a signpost directing hikers to a short de-tour to the tree. Yamato Sugi is aged around 3,500 years. The hike should take about 2 – 3 hours.

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The second half of this trail is the more difficult and extreme caution should be taken in heavy rain as there are rivers to cross that are dangerous when flooded and fast-flowing. To add to the excitement, the second half of this trail is rarely hiked and as such the trail can be difficult to follow. From Yamato Sugi it should take a further 3 hours before arriving at the little Ishitsuka Hut.

There is not much space for camping at the hut, so it is best to plan on staying within the hut. Also, water is quite far from the hut and would be wise to arrive to the hut with as much water as you could carry.

Yakusugi Land

From the Ishitsuka Hut it is a further hour to the Hananoego marshland where you could continue on a variety of alternative trails.

YES offer a day tour to Yamato Sugi Tour and this is a very good alternative to the more crowded hike to Jomon Sugi. Similar to the Shiratani Unsuikyo hike then you could walk along the Ishitsuka Trail to Yamato Sugi on your own, but your experience of the forest would be greatly increased if you have the knowledge of a local guide alongside. 

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