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yakushima airport outside

It is possible to fly to Yakushima by air.  Flights arrive to the bustling airport (see the photo above) of Yakushima from Osaka, Fukuoka and Kagoshima. The rather sad news is that there are plans to renovate the Yakushima Airport and extend the runway so that jets from Tokyo, and possibly international flights, can arrive to Yakushima.  This tragic so-called development will undoubtedly change Yakushima and quite likely to its detriment.  Flights to the island have always been by propellor aircraft and this style of aircraft suits the island and its atmosphere.  Jet aircraft arriving to our lovely island just doesn`t seem to be right.  Time will tell!

To fly from Tokyo you would need to change planes in Kagoshima.  Wherever you fly from then you have only one choice of air company: JAC  aka Japan Air Commuter (a member of the JAL group).

yakushima airport arial viewAs the flight times change frequently then we cannot list the up-to-date timetable.  Please check the ENGLISH JAL website for the current timetable. 

By air from Kagoshima

There are multiple flights per day between Kagoshima Airport and Yakushima Airport. Flight duration is 35 minutes. The regular one way fare is 14,000 yen, but discount fares are available for around 10,000 yen. Flights are operated by Japan Air Commuter (JAC).  Note that Kagoshima Airport is located almost one hour outside the city center.

Kagoshima – Yakushima       Distance  102 miles   Flight Time:  35m


By air from Osaka

Japan Air Commuter operates one round trip per day between Osaka’s Itami Airport and Yakushima. Flight duration is around 90 minutes. The regular one way fare is around 34,000 yen with discount fares available for around 26,000 yen. The Itami airport is around an hour away from Kansai airport if you take the airport shuttle bus.

Osaka (Itami) – Yakushima       Distance 402 miles   Flight Time: 1 hr 35m

By air from Fukuoka

Japan Air Commuter operates one round trip per day between Fukuoka and Yakushima. Flight duration is about one hour. The regular one way fare is 24,000 yen, but discount fares are usually available from around 18,000 yen.

Fukuoka – Yakushima       Distance 225 miles   Flight Time: 55mins