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about YES! Yakushima

YES! Yakushima are a tour & booking company based on the World Heritage island of Yakushima.  We began operating in 2012 and are rated by Tripadvisor as the No 1 tour guide company for international visitors to Yakushima.  Our team of guides operate tours ranging from individual visitors and families to tours of more than 100 guests.

In 2019, YES! Yakushima tours were chosen by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) to represent Yakushima in the `100 Amazing Experiences in Japan.` 

Reviews from our past guests will illustrate the incredible difference YES will make to your trip to Yakushima. 

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about Yakushima

Yakushima was nominated as Japan`s first World Heritage Area of Natural Beauty in 1993.  Yakushima is an island of great extremes.  During the winter months the peaks are snow-capped whilst in the south of the island the vegetation is sub-tropical.  At just under 2,000 meters, Yakushima has the highest mountain range in southern Japan.  The island is famed for some of the most ancient living trees on the planet – Yaku sugi – as well as being home to one of the most dense concentration of moss species.  Yakushima has numerous endemic plants, along with an indigenous sub-species of deer and macaque monkeys which easily out-number the human population on the island.

Yakushima is a pristine reminder of what Japan looked like in ancient times and is currently a fine example of how a community can live with respect for their natural environment.

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